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Global Occupier Services

Every challenge has an answer. We strive to find it, efficiently and effectively, to support our clients to achieve their aims. We do so in an entrepreneurial, fair, hands-on manner. If your real estate objectives are to reduce occupancy costs, limit liabilities for potential claims, enhance personnel and workplace performance, or be the best you can be, then allow us to help.

Operating together with our affiliates all around the world, we collaborate with our colleagues, use the right technology, research to inform your decision-making, to get consistent, quality, answers. In Global Occupier Services, we are an extension of your business — aligned with your goals and committed to performance.


Integrated Portfolio Management

Whether you have one location or multiple locations in one city or in many countries, there is a need to maintain control over your leased or owned space.

Cost and use control starts with the property and the lease you enter into. A lease has financial obligations, opportunities and risks, but it also has business obligations, opportunities, and risks.

BRIDGEMER, an independent trusted advisor, provides a client-oriented market-focused view. We start with your needs, now and in the future. Then we prepare a plan, and put it into action. Your needs come first, so that’s where we start.

And, “Integrated”, what does that mean? To us, it means integrated into your business and your needs. Anything else would not support you, and would be contrary to “your mandate, our mission”.

Tenant Representation

Locating suitable space takes time. Deciding whether you should stay or should you go to other space requires market knowledge and a search process. Getting the right terms on which to lease takes experience.

Tenant representation should allow you to focus on your business, and let your representative focus on your space needs and how to satisfy them. Identifying your options, analyzing the financial and logistical consequences, allows you to make the right decision for your business.

Someone needs to do this. BRIDGEMER does. Whether expanding, downsizing, entering a new market, considering to buy or lease, BRIDGEMER acts solely in your best interests, serving you. 

Some BRIDGEMER advantages are:

  • Industry relations and network work for you, off-market opportunities can be identified
  • Assist in assessing your needs
  • Advising on market conditions and providing market information
  • Experience negotiators
  • Assessing facility needs, amenities in the property and in the neighborhood
  • Finding a location attractive to your personnel and clientele
  • Considering your needs such as access via public and private transit, like bike paths to get to work
  • Focusing on all aspects including financial
  • Putting our client’s needs above all else
  • Best location, best price, best for your business, best for your needs, all to achieve your objectives

    The Right Difference

    What sets us apart from the competition?

    What really sets us apart from the competition is our additional viewpoints, inputs and services. 

    Whether it is taking a broad view of an investment and its impacts on the people and nature nearby, or knowing that a client’s goals are our goals, we work to achieve success. In our Global Occupier Services, doing extra is the norm for us. We use our skills and our experience to put in place creative solutions that work. Inspiration and Implementation, we do both. 

    ESG, we care about all three equally in every transaction and in every service we do for our clients. It‘s natural, just like our nature and nature itself. 

    Here are just a few examples of how we do what we say. 

    Our client owned property formerly occupied by an industrial firm in the 1950‘s when soil and water management was not a consideration. BRIDGEMER lead the effort with our client’s management to obtain the necessary review, analysis and remediation to provide good title acceptable to our client and potential future occupiers and owners. The property obtained a clean bill of health!

    A globally-active client with 50 leases spread over 35 countries needed help getting organized. BRIDGEMER identified a software to do the trick, negotiated the terms, and substantial benefits, to get our client up and running. BRIDGEMER put in place a system to have real time control over assets, ability to pursue defined goals, create work groups, assign responsibilities, and importantly to measure the progress and quantify the results. It worked!

    Finding a new home for a client‘s business. Sure, we did it. But, the client was located out-of-town and needed to ready the space for arriving personnel. BRIDGEMER fitted out the food servery, arranged all furniture, provided an insurance broker, dealt with HR administration and the transfer of employees, and even was called upon to help get the refrigerator running. It needed to be plugged in. BRIDGEMER was there to provide full service!

    A client had property surplus to its needs. BRIDGEMER was asked to develop a plan, alternative uses, taking into account zoning considerations, development risks and rewards, and provide a reasoned and seasoned view as to what could and should be done. BRIDGEMER accepted the challenge, after other firms declined. BRIDGEMER’S view and implementation well exceeded the client‘s goals!