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The view of the office building that you see above is our office. From floor to ceiling, we see the lake, the mountains, the cattle, horses and farms. We see buildings where industry contributes to our way of life. We see buildings where people call home. It all keeps our feet firmly planted on the ground. This is our perspective, our planet is for sharing and the next generations should have the same benefits as we do. About Us — what you need to know is that we live what we say, and what we say is what we do.


For generations, real estate investment and management, and agriculture have been our family business. In 2002, after more than a decade in global infrastructure development (power generation, transmission and distribution, airports and railways, bridges, water desalination, and more), we decided to create a cross-border real asset investment and advisory firm. From the start, we sought sustainable real assets because our long history in this business informed our perspective early on that an asset needs to have longevity and contribute to its environment. Our networks in Europe and in North America, as well as elsewhere, coupled with our experience in structuring and completing investment and other transactions in real estate, infrastructure and agriculture, lead to the creation of BRIDGEMER in Switzerland and in Canada. Our local and international clients receive the same care and attention. We provide the same perspectives whether in a local or international transaction, and whether in real estate, agriculture or infrastructure.

We focus on our client’s needs and objectives. It is our mission to achieve the goals of our clients. Whether investment, management or client representation in transactions, our entrepreneurial approach has been honed over generations and in markets around the world.


When Daniel, founder of BRIDGEMER, was a tax lawyer in Toronto, Canada, his mentor was one of the most senior partners in the firm with hundreds of lawyers in multiple offices globally. To be a good adviser, one has to invest the time to understand the client’s intentions first and foremost. No transaction is successful or appropriate unless it achieves the client’s intentions and goals. Then, and only then, was Daniel instructed that he could do the legal work to achieve success for his client. Daniel’s goals were his client’s goals. Success was defined by achieving success for the client.

This mentoring continues in the attitude, approach, spirit and purpose of BRIDGEMER.

Our Company Mission & Client Vision


To provide top quality, customized services in real asset investment, advisory, and management on a commercially sound and sustainable basis.


To be the best trusted adviser to each client. To internalize the client’s needs and intentions, making those our own.


  • Integrity above all else. Our lives are too short not to live them with honesty and with full integrity.
  • Prove our worth daily. We need to contribute usefully to our clients.
  • A job worth doing, is a job worth doing well.

Strategic Objectives

  • Pursue excellence.
  • Exemplify diversity and inclusiveness.
  • Contribute to the betterment of the communities in which we work, live, and play.


Meet Our Team

Personality is a top priority at BRIDGEMER. We trust in a cooperative partnership. Every single step on the way to joint success is characterized by the highest degree of professionalism. And all of this together is perhaps exactly what sets us apart from the rest.

Daniel Shindleman

Daniel Shindleman

Pascal Strahm

Pascal Strahm

Tracey Bollier

Tracey Bollier

New Talent, Join Our Team

We are always looking for new talent to join.

If you are:

  • Passionate about real assets (real estate, agriculture, infrastructure)
  • Passionate about investment or transaction management
  • Passionate about our global environment
  • Passionate about our markets
  • And, you share our values

You are a perfect fit into our team. We welcome receiving your application.