• Bridgemer Specialists:
    • Identify Suitable Real Assets
    • Structure the Giving
    • Manage the Real Assets
  • Benefit A Charity of Your Choice
  • The Reward of Giving is a Gift

A Gift of a Real Asset Properly Structured is a Meaningful Contribution

We represent charities and donors in the giving and ongoing management of real assets.

Whether a residence, commercial property, land, brownfield site, or ownership interest in agriculture, infrastructure or real estate including various mineral and other rights, Bridgemer arranges and manages real assets as gifts. Donors can benefit through taxation savings, elimination of ongoing expenses, elimination of management responsibility and of course fulfilling a commitment to give. Recipients can benefit through planned gifts, recurring income, professional management and the knowledge that Bridgemer, a real asset specialist, is with them at all times.

A gift of a real asset can have its peculiarities or complexities. However, through proven procedures, Bridgemer manages the arrangements to provide the intended benefits.

Please contact us to enquire how we may assist you, whether as a donor or as a charity, or as an estate or a charitable planning advisor, or as a corporate officer, in the charitable giving of real assets.