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  • Portfolio Development
  • Dedicated Management

Building Relationships. Developing Opportunities

For 40 years, our group has been committed to providing quality income returns and capital appreciation on real estate investments. Our principals are recognized as leaders in commercial and investment real estate.

Bridgemer represents institutional and private investors.

Whether, as a private investor, your investment objectives are wealth creation, wealth preservation or wealth transition to the next generation, or, as an institutional investor, your investment objectives are to create a long-term asset allocation strategy or a more short-term opportunistic strategy, Bridgemer provides both the advice and implementation to meet your investment objectives, risk tolerance and financial goals.

Similarly, as an institutional, corporate or fund investor our expertise and services can achieve your objectives in developing a portfolio of real estate investments.

Our skills in international investment and finance, entrepreneurial agility and the expertise of proven real estate developers and managers are a competitive advantage in sourcing and management of the highest quality real estate.