Real Estate as a Key Component of Your Portfolio

The sound investment principle of diversification in asset classes coupled with the income-orientation of real estate investment in stable environments translate into a sensible choice in volatile or weakened financial markets.

Our group has consistently identified investments with high and stable income returns, reduced volatility, and low correlation to stocks and bonds. These fundamental attributes combined with the Bridgemer advantages have resulted in strong performance leading the way to achieving our clients' objectives.

Our full-cycle real estate investment services allow our clients to exploit opportunities for redevelopment, disposal or replacement.


The client's objectives drive the development of a tailored investment strategy that takes into account return, liquidity, reporting, duration, ownership structure, and the unique circumstances of the client's strategic goals. Prime properties, the right combination of finance and cash flow, global knowledge, and local expertise coupled with active monitoring and reporting create the platform for excellent results.

Development & Acquisition

The acquisition of any real estate is preceded by sound analysis and critical evaluation. Bridgemer's depth of knowledge and experience in the real estate market allows us to create opportunities by identifying a property's potential, using our long-standing industry relationships and well-planned execution.

Real Estate Management

Real estate management is a critical performance factor. Excellence is achieved by professional management teams taking a hands-on approach. Continuous supervision of properties and reporting services that are designed to the specific requirements of our clients provide up-to-date access and information on each investment.