Performance is Our Guiding Principle

We believe infrastructure investment must respond primarily to three needs:

  1. Financing needs of governments and public agencies for infrastructure;
  2. Institutional needs for predictable, sustainable, long-term investment cash flows; and
  3. Impact needs generating the intended social, environmental and commercial results.

Bridgemer investment focus

  • Assets characterized by government guaranteed or regulated revenues;
  • Concessions that are predominantly 'availability' based;
  • Infrastructure in the regulated utilities sector; and
  • Apply our sustainability-impact principles taking into account "Equator Principles" and "LEED" Principles;
    to provide (i) stable, (ii) long-term, (iii) sustainable, (iv) inflation-linked income.

These investments can be the hospital your children were born in, the pipes and wires that bring water, electricity and gas to your home and office, the facility that generates the electricity to power your city, the roads and bridges that get you to work or to go shopping, and more.