• Early Access to Investments
  • Over 20 Year Track Record
  • Local Know-How
  • Active Entrepreneurial-Owners Asset Management
  • Simple Structure
  • Real Investor Control
  • Your In-House Team Outsourced

Bridgemer is a Specialist Investment Manager

For over two decades, our principals have been investing globally in infrastructure. We have led major investment projects for international industrial and financial groups applying best practices with discipline in execution and investment management.

One of our competitive advantages is our ability to source investments through our established networks and market activities with engineering, procurement and construction groups, governments, infrastructure operators, and financial and multilateral institutions.

Bridgemer established its infrastructure investment services to allow institutional investors and family offices to benefit from the experience of its principals, combining both industrial and investment know-how. Our investors benefit from our industrial perspective and investment discipline throughout the process of putting capital to work for their communities and communities around the globe.

Our commitment to our investors is also reflected in the simplicity of our investment structure.

Our clients include public and private pension funds, endowments, insurance companies, charities, institutional investors and family offices.