Global consumption of food is expected to double by 2030. Increased demand for agricultural products is driven by improving diets for an increasing population (food), which in turn necessitates increased animal consumption (feed), and growing bio-fuel consumption (fuel).


Bridgemer invests in the production of protein-rich plants in order to generate superior returns to investors and fulfill our mission statement of investing in food security and production for the world.

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Agriculture is an old industry. An industry ripe for applying new technologies.

Food security is a global concern. Bridgemer facilitates the introduction and implementation of new agricultural technologies.

With Canada´s long history of stability and reliability in supplying the world´s largest markets with agricultural products, we can reach global demand.  Applying new technologies on the Canadian prairies is a significant step in the pursuit of food security globally.

Innovation in agricultural technology is the answer to dealing with what is a pending food crisis throughout the world. Technology allows the production of new crops, brings higher yields, more resistant crops, improved cost efficiencies, and simply bringing better more nutritious products to the consumers of the world.

Bridgemer has arranged the Sister-City Agreement between Portage La Prairie, Manitoba and Valley of Springs, Israel in order to facilitate an agritech connection and knowledge exchange. 

If you have a proven new technology that is ready to be tested or ready for market, please contact us. We would be pleased to help you realize the potential of your ideas.

Protein Highway

Bridgemer is at the forefront of the Protein Highway, a project that aims to brand the region comprised of the three Canadian Prairie Provinces and six northern U.S. states as the provider of protein to the world. Bridgemer’s four elements in agriculture focus on food security and production for the world.

Food Security