Sustainable Real Assets

Canadian farmland is a sustainable real asset that combines strong investment fundamentals coupled with the potential for attractive cash-flow from operations. Canadian farmland has some unique and increasingly favorable elements – low volatility, inflation hedging, low correlations to traditional asset classes, superior risk adjusted returns, stable cash-flow generation from production, and linkage with growth in global population unaffected by their political risks.

Agricultural land investment has performed well with increased investor appetite, strong supply and demand fundamentals, and having a finite asset base. The global shortage of productive land, positive demographic and dietary changes, and need for energy and food security, all promote higher values for agricultural land especially in a geopolitically stable country like Canada.


With Canada´s long history of stability and reliability in supplying the world´s largest markets with agricultural products, we can reach global demand.  Applying new technologies on the Canadian prairies is a significant step in the pursuit of food security globally. Canada used to be referred to as the breadbasket of the world, now it is the protein basket. Canadian agriculture produces both vegetable-based protein and meat-based protein for the world.


Bridgemer promotes sustainable best practices and brings innovative agricultural techniques and methods from around the world for application on the farm.

Our own labour and interests in farming extend over four generations of our founding family. We have respect for those who farm and feed our society and the world. We also know that respect for the land is essential to provide a better future for the next generations.

Agriculture is a huge and growing market. It is an essential need. It is full of traditional practices. Through our farm practices, and through our search and application of new agricultural technologies, we invest in the land and the elements of production to ensure that farming is efficient, productive and operationally sound on an ethical and sustainable basis.

Our investment strategy focuses on farmland, farm production, technology and post-harvest processing. And, we know sustainability will help us succeed in each of these. We therefore have integrated relevant principles into our strategy and governance. Bridgemer seeks to foster a culture of responsible behaviour in all its activities and decision-making.

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