• Our People: Your Team
  • Education on Demand
  • Advisory Board
  • Codified & Proven Processes Meeting Strict Regulatory Standards

Asset Management Starts with People

At Bridgemer, we pride ourselves in being seasoned professionals with diverse experiences. We complement this and foster excellence in all team members by a program of continuous learning. We embrace change in our environments and the markets in which we participate.

In order for Bridgemer to perform for our investors, we invest in our people. Part of our corporate responsibility is to invest as much in our personnel as we demand from them. And we demand a lot.

Regular training sessions and seminars are conducted in-house by Bridgemer on investment topics, technology, regulation, and investment discipline. Also accessible are video lectures and “how-to” guides through our Education on Demand program.

Bridgemer’s processes and procedures are in a company-wide codified manual for our employees’ reference. This translates into consistency, transparency and efficiency in our day-to-day operations.

Our in-house sources of intellectual capital are augmented by interaction with our Advisory Board of leading experts. 

Our best assets: Our people working for you, achieving your goals